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ROS / ROs2 Design and engineering

Over the last decade ROS has become the de-facto standard for developing robot applications. It really is the Android equivalent of intelligent robotics. Read our blog about ROS for more information!In over 10+ product cycles we have created several ROS packages and successfully deployed robots ranging from a 2 kg educational platform to 2 ton forklifts.  

ROS2 addresses several limitations of ROS1 by introducing DDS based concepts to facilitate data transport across multiple processes and devices. Whether to use ROS1 or ROS2 is best answered by the use case at hand. We make that recommendation on a project to project basis. Our services:

  • Large scale software development using ROS / ROS2
  • Data pipelines with cloud technologies such as AWS for simulation, telemetry, analysis
  • Multi-Robot communication and navigation using ROS2
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