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What we do

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We are a team of roboticists with multiple years of experience in industry and academia. Having worked with complex robotic systems including autonomous drones, bipeds, industrial mobile robots and manipulators, we use our engineering expertise to develop tools to accelerate your research, education and industrial demands. Some of our key services are:

  • Consultancy for developing production ready robot technologies including planning, control, vision and software development.
  • Software tools for scalable robot deployment and system updates.
  • ROS and Gazebo: Educational robotics and workshops for universities.
  • Interactive User Interface tools for task monitoring and improved user experience.
  • Custom robot and application development for your academic and research needs
If you need any help with technologies like Robot Operating System (ROS), Point Cloud Library (PCL), ROS MoveIt! and Gazebo Simulator feel free to contact us!

The Team

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav spent many years working with legged robots during his bachelors-masters studies at IIT Kanpur and subsequently as a researcher at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). He then worked in the robotics industries as a senior researcher towards developing navigational solutions and software for industrial grade self-driving robots.
Zubin Priyansh
Zubin has been involed in the robotics industry for multiple years working with mobile robots, aerial drones and tackling challenges of deep learning, computer vision, software development and devOps. An alumni of IIT Guwahati , he was also part of a research exchange to CMU-RI (US).

Contact Us

Drop in an email for any service requests or product enquries!

Where To Find Us

14, Raghav Enclave, Transport Road
Secunderabad, Telengana
500009 IN

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