Kick-start the autopilot mode!
At Black Coffee Robotics, we combine our expertise and experience in developing autonomous robots to save you time and money. Be it hardware development from ground up, or adding Level X.0 autonomy to your machine design, we are here!
The scope of our projects ranges from sensor level developments to full fledged robot fleets, covering arm manipulators, drones, humanoids and mobile robots.

Custom Development​

Every application is unique, there is no one size fits all. Our team understands your application requirements, transforms that into a development plan and accommodate your timelines and preferences. Whether we work as a closely embedded team, or working remotely, we are uncompromising about the quality and scalability of work.

Robot Web Interfaces

Developing web interfacing and applications allows the end-user to setup the robotic system without you having to invest time or resources in robot deployment.

The technology lies at the intersection of product design, robotics and web frameworks; we got it covered. Make your product and customer satisfaction standout with our expertise.

Simulation Services

Maybe, you want to validate your concept before you decide to make a product out of it, seems like a good idea?

We leverage the power of open-source tools, spice it up with our own proprietary technology to provide real world dynamics and important data insights for your use case.