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We Transform Your Vision Into Ground Realities

We use state of the art technology, along with years of experience in programming autonomous robots to deliver top performance and highly scalable solutions.

Our services include, but are not limited to

ROS integration | Motion planning and control | Localization | Robot software stack | ROS2 | Simulation tools

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Robots driving themselves

How we work

We capture your problem statement in a detailed development plan, charting down the path from theory to practice. We work on all aspects of solutioning for your autonomous robot including sensor selection, algorithm design/selection, software architecture, simulation setup, programming, deployment tools and documentation. We work with your team for testing, deployments and maintenance.

In addition to a proven technological know-how, we understand how critical economics and timeliness are for businesses, particular SMEs. Our team goes into projects, full steam form the minute go - saving you the hassle of resource management, upfront investments and development risks.

Marvel at robotics innovations

Kick-start the autopilot mode!

At Black Coffee Robotics, we combine our expertise and experience in developing autonomous robots to save you time and money. Be it hardware development from ground up or adding Level X.0 autonomy to your machine design, we are here!

The scope of our projects includes mobile robots for indoor and outdoor applications, robot fleets, arm manipulators, drones, humanoids and standalone algorithm development for motion planning, perception and control problems.

custom development

Every application is unique, there is no one size fits all. Our team understands your application requirements, transforms that into a development plan and accommodate your timelines and preferences. Whether we work as a closely embedded team, or working remotely, we are uncompromising about the quality and scalability of work.

robot web interfaces

Developing web interfacing and applications allows the end-user to setup the robotic system without you having to invest time or resources in robot deployment.

The technology lies at the intersection of product design, robotics and web frameworks; we got it covered. Make your product and customer satisfaction standout with our expertise.

simulation services

Maybe, you want to validate your concept before you decide to make a product out of it, seems like a good idea?

We leverage the power of open-source tools, spice it up with our own proprietary technology to provide real world dynamics and important data insights for your use case.

our team

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta


Gaurav spent many years working with legged robots during his bachelors-masters studies at IIT Kanpur and subsequently as a researcher at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). He then worked in the robotics industries as a senior researcher towards developing navigational solutions and software for industrial grade self-driving robots.

Zubin Priyansh

Zubin Priyansh


Zubin has been involed in the robotics industry for multiple years working with mobile robots, aerial drones and tackling challenges of deep learning, computer vision, software development and devOps. An alumni of IIT Guwahati , he was also part of a research exchange to CMU-RI (US).

Our Clients

Our worldwide clients

Runal Dahiwade (CEO, Aubotz)

...In addition to undertaking the software development, the BCR team has further helped us with proactive and valuable advice in product design, hardware selection and system integration. All of this is being achieved against a tough timeline...


Shahid Memon (CTO, Unbox Robotics)

...They are detail oriented and have always delivered on time. Project documentation is done well. They are very quick in understanding new components and devices which we keep on experimenting on our Robot. They are always available whenever we need them...


runal Dahiwade

cEO, aubotz

We approached Black Coffee Robotics (BCR) to develop autonomous solutions for our next generation of cleaning robots. We were looking for a partner who could deliver hyper-specialization with quality, but more importantly someone we could trust.


Shahid Memon

cTO, Unbox Robotics

I was skeptical as they were a very new consulting firm but once I dived in, I realized I had hit a goldmine of great robotics practical and theoretical knowledge. They are detail oriented and have always delivered on time.

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