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At Black Coffee Robotics, we are solving some of the most challenging problems in the realm of robotics.
As a rapidly growing start-up, we are looking for talented and motivated individuals to help us shape the future of autonomous robots. We believe in keeping a lean team closely knit together to constantly challenge and improve each other. Working with us involves not just coding but also contributions to product development, and see your work hit the market. We are always looking for the brightest minds who are good fit to our organization to join us!

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Current Openings!

Robotics Engineer

job description

As a robotics development engineer you will be involved in transferring technology from research papers to real world solutions. You will expected to keep up to date with the current developments in the world of robotics software and hardware. Bulk of your work will involve writing and optimizing software but the ability to understand how mechanical, electronics and software work in a robotic system is also expected. Typical day to day technologies you’ll be working on:

  • SLAM and motion planning
  • Software development with ROS
  • Hardware interfacing and testing
  • Robot simulations and research paper implementation

job requirements

  • Experience with Ubuntu and ability to work with open source libraries.  
  • Programming experience with C++/Python.
  • Proficiency with ROS.
  • Familiarity with Git for version control.

If you have spent a good chunk of your life fiddling and struggling with mechanical assemblies, electronic components and (or) open source code, you’ll be a good fit to our organization. If you feel aligned with our work and the job description interests you, drop us an email with your application and resume at with the subject as  [BlackCoffeeRDE: <YourName>]

robotics intern

job description

We do have a secret project cooking up in-house with several interesting problem statements to work on. What we are looking for is a creative mind with a keen interest in developing robots and building a lasting relationship with us. The position is best suited for students seeking internships during December 2019. The work will involve developing robot simulations, camera based applications and brainstorming innovative ideas.

job requirements

  • Some experience in working with Ubuntu and ROS
  • Past projects in robotics
  • Strong aptitude and an appetite to learn

If are full of ideas and are willing to make them come true, if you have spent your night outs fixing your robot for the next day and enjoyed every minute of it: we would love to hear from you! Write to us at with the subject [BlackCoffeeRI: <YourName>]

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