Robotics Intern

JOB Description

As a robotics intern you will be responsible for researching, developing, and testing robotics components, systems and simulations. On a day to day basis you will be working with technologies such as ROS, ROS2, Unity Sim, SLAM, Controls, and other robotics technologies. This is a remote role, and you will be collaborating with a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers and developers. We are looking for someone driven by a passion for developing robotic systems, and looking to work in a dynamic environment. This position also comes with the potential of conversion to a full-time role.

Work Location

The position is fully remote, but the candidates must be residing in India.



how to apply

If this opportunity interests you, send in your application with a video introduction of less than 2 minutes and your resume (attached as a pdf) to jobs[at]blackcoffeerobotics[dot]com.
Specifically, provide an introduction to current and past work in robotics, and answers to the following questions. Kindly upload the video on a Google Drive/other freely accessible link and share it with us.

What is the minimum duration of internship you can commit to, and when is the earliest you can join?
Which past project of yours are you most proud of, and why?
Please keep the subject of your application as [BlackCoffeeRI: <YourName>]